August 16-18, 2019
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Jun. 07, 2018

A.Prof.Junlong Li, North University of China (click)

Research area:
Nanoparticles; Energetic materials; Nanocomposite materials

Research experience:
My research experience include the preparation and properties of ultra-fine energetic material, production of nanoscale explosives by Rapid Expansion of Supercritical Solutions (RESS), completion of nanometer HNS by the prefilming twin-fluid nozzle assisted precipitation method, preparation of ultrafine CL-20 particles by ultrasound and spray assisted precipitation method. My recent research works going on the preparation of energetic nanocomposite granules.

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Important Dates
Submission: June 14, 2019
Notification: About 2 weeks after the submission
Registration: August 14, 2019
Conference: August 16-18, 2019
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