June 22-24,2018
ISAMSE 2018 News
May. 28, 2018

A.Prof.Lingling Liu, Zhengzhou Institute of Finance and Economics, China (click)

Research area:
Intelligent control system, robot technology, heat treatment equipment and technology, etc.

Research experience:
Liu Lingling, female, 33, an associate professor of mechanical electronics engineering, received a master's degree in Zhengzhou University in 2010, and 2017-2018 as a visiting scholar at Xi'an Jiao Tong University. Teaching in intelligent control, robotics, heat treatment technology and equipment. She is currently vice president and academic leader of School of mechanical and electrical engineering, Zhengzhou Institute of Finance and economics.
In recent years, she has undertaken 7 provincial-level topics, of which 3 have been hosted. More than 20 papers were published, including 7 core articles, 7 authorized national patents, 1 of which were inventions.

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Conference: June 22-24,2018
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