June 22-24,2018
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Apr. 08, 2018

Prof.Baoli Ou, Hunan University of Science and Technology, China (click)

Research area:
Marine Antifouling and Fouling Release Coatings

Research experience:
Before taking part in the work, I graduated from Powder Metallurgy Institute of Central South University, major of Materials Science in 2009.
Currently I am studying in marine antifouling and Fouling Release Coatings.
I was carried out research projects related to marine antifouling and drag reducing materials, surface functionalization of nanoparticles, high efficient preparation of polymer based nanocomposites and inorganic functional materials for special purposes.
The research of Study on the preparation and properties of controllable layered degradation superhydrophobic antifouling drag reduction coatings by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.
More than 50 papers and 12 invention patents was published about Polymer and nanocomposites. A Book of academic monographs has been published.

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